Weekly Housekeeper Angel Her Weight In Gold

You can be absolutely sure that if you need an example of very basic cleaing, you need to look no further than my neighbout.  Boy oh boy he has a unique view on the subject of clean and tidy.  I know that he had a weekly housekeeper for some years – an amazing woman who ‘bottomed’ out his house every Tuesday.  That’s to say she started upstairs by changing any beds used since her last visit.  All the bedding was laundered and whilst drying, she’d strip out the bathroom and bedroom with vacuum duster around every surface, then the floor.  After that was bucket of hot lightly bleached water;  Household gloves on, she’d wipe down every surface, aover the bed head, window sills, everywhere.  That was the morning done.  The afternoon was downstairs.  Bucket loads of hot water used in her valient efforts.  Whatever he paid her, she was worth ten times!  When he got a resue dog, it seemed to uset the balance and she suddenly rturned his housekey and left a strange note to say she could no longer copy’.  Poor man has never been the same since.  Nor has his house.