Soda & White Vinegar – Recipe For A Clean Up Success

We have all got rather used to just reaching out for the latest in cleaning sprays.  As soon as something gets spilt, or we do any kind of food prep, out comes the sponge and a spray.  I do know someone who has worried about just how much spray cleaner she’s been using up.  Her solution – in mor ways than one, is to mix ordinary kitchen soda crystals with white vinegar.  Ironically she uses up an empty spray bottle, puts her mixture in and shakes it vigoriously.  I’ve stayed over at her very large house, and I have to say that it does seem to work just as effectively as any of the commercially boughr ones.  She did warn me not to spray it on a surface with wet bleach nearby because of the fumes mixing.  Not a good thought, but on the whole, her home made spray is a very good example of how to cut down on chemicals – or at least some shop bought ones.