Plan The Clean Up To Vacuum Only Once

When we look at the basics, just getting the house tidy is one step in the right direction for someone who feels overwhelmed after a heavy Christmas and New Year festive period.  There are some folk out there who relish the chance to get their rubber gloves on and run that bowl of steaming hot suds – scrubbing brush in hand, ready to attack the deep clean.  They can’t imagine not having a go at an early spring clean the moment those decorations are boxed up and the tree retired for another year.  I personally feel a more gentle approach is best.  Making sure the carpets get a thorough vacuum, including under all the chairs and furniture.  Dusting down the pictures, mirrors and solid surfaces first will help cut a job later but sometimes this crates more loose dust which will need another vacuum later.  Trying to work out which rooms need the most urgent clean up is key to ensuring all rooms do get done, but by planning and listing, you only do each once and not waste energy!