Out With The Cleaner In With The Home Maid

When I was staying over with a much younger relative I happened to notice how very clean and sparkly her worktop and hob were.  I didn’t mean to express such surprise but she doesn’t normally spend an excessive amount of her time in the cleaning zone because she employed a cleaner who managed to make it look like that every Monday.   However this was now Friday and well . . .   However her cleaner has retired and she is now dealing with matters first hand starting by replacing several products with one spray of white vinegar and soda crystal mixed together.  Well shaken it makes a very good cleaner.  Warnings not to add any bleach were ushered mind you – mention of explosive mix!  I have to say that I found the spray did work very effectively and although it isn’t a pretty colour and doesn’t have an attractive aroma, the cheapness, ease of use and good finish makes it a good swap.  I couldn’t do without the product that gets the limescale off though.  We live in very hard water area!