New Company Cleaning Guidance Must Be Implemented

With the gradual return to working life post pandemic restrictions, there are many rules in place to secure and maintain the safety of workers and customers in every environment.  The main thrust will be to reinforce the notion of a cleaning process.  All workplaces must be cleaned far more frequently with more time gien to high contact areas, for example door handles, keyboards, hand rails, lift buttons, tills etc etc.  All employers must provide handwashing facilities and or hand sanitisers at every entry and exit point.  They will also need to display a government certificate to show they have followed the official government guidance.   The guidelines are very detailed but all companies must adhere to the cleaning processes constantly.  Obviously, as with all aspects of life, there will be company bosses who cut corners and just break the rules.  We’ve already seen many examples of this in hotspots around the country.  Sweatshops where non english speakers pretend not to be aware of the rules.  No matter how carefully worded guidance is, for those who don’t want to comply, they’ll ruin it all for the rest of us!