Never Has Hand Washing & Hygiene Been So Vital

There can be no doubt that this year has been the most peculiar that almost any one of us can recall.   This pandemic with totally global effects on the masses – not only miliarty, this year will take a lot of beating.   The virus that has claimed so many lives worldwide and more in some countries than others, has been very difficult to study, track and impossible to control thus far.  The most important thing families and any human can do is wash hands many times a day – always after using the toilet.  Always before touching any food.  When we go out shopping, hand washing is not possible in many places so use of hand sanitizing gel is next best.  Wearing face masks at all times when out of the house is something I now just do as naturally as breathing.   I can’t understand anyone who still moans and tries to get out of wearing one – they must be doing some good.  As much as keeping hands washed!