Morning Clean & Exercise Routine Calms The Mind

What do we mean by the phrase basic cleaning?  One woman’s basic is another woman’s uphill struggle.  I have pals & family members who are obsessively tidy.  I, always busy with volunteering activities and thus out of the house rather a lot, have managed to get to a reasonably great age with just a tidy home and no one dying of any unfortunate diseases along the way.  The cleaning part of needs a certain set of activities.  When I first get up, I shower, do teeth, get face & body lotioned,  every carton & tube is put away in the cabinets after use and then I can give everywhere a quick but effective wash down and dry/polish with clean e-cloth.   I start with the shower tray, cubicle, basin and loo.   Then I tidy up the pile of flannels and the towels and before exiting the ensuite, I make sure everything is clean & tidy.  I then make the bed and dress myself before tackling my essential exercise routines.   I need that ‘me’ time to function and a tidy ensuite before the day starts in earnest is calming for me.