Limescale Causes Additional Grubbiness

I have difficulty concentrating on cleaning – it’s not an obsession of mine.  Unlike my two sisters who live for the hour they can justify getting out their vacuums and cleaning buckets.   I like to potter and clean a room at a time, not necessarily all on the same day.  I get distracted by magazines or books and it can take a while to complete the job.  But I do always have a sparkling clean kitchen, ensuite and main bathroom.  The other rooms get tidied and spruced up roughly weekly and if I’d used any room for more than just passing through, it get the cushions plumped up and bins emptied next day.  Whereas the kitchen and washrooms are very deear to me.  More money has been spent on their refurbishments than any other spot here!  I like all the sinks and basins to be really clean and sparkling.  The Taps have to really shine back at me & for this I have to use a well known brand of limescale remover to clean up – we live in an unbelievably grim area for hard water deposits.   It makes every area just look horrendously grubby.