Keeping Up The Momentum for A New Start Cleaning Regime

Cleaning the average family home does not have to be that daunting never-ending task we so often imagine it to be.  It does not need to be classed as just another time-consuming chore either.  The main thrust to managing these household duties is to design an easy to follow routine that includes all the most important tasks.  Following a quick and easy to remember routine or schedule will ease the operator and they may even get to enjoy the regularity of certain tasks.   The first task is to set up a cleaning routine that notes what must happen in every area of the house to achieve the result you seek.  So walking round each room, clipboard in hand is essential.  List each room in a sensible sequence and list the tasks that must be dealt with.  Note also, every visit, or once a week for this and twice a week for that.    Remembering things like light fixtures and curtain rails, the out of reach items are so often also out of mind ones.   The best way to look at a room is to stand in the doorway with view of the entire room, going slowly from left to right and on the way back include the up and down view.