Keeping Chromeware Spotless Brings Calmness

I have always worked full time, which here means at least 37 hours a week.   Then with the commuting time of over an hour each way per day, that takes quite a chunk out of my day which I could use to keep myself on top of the endless amount of housework needed.  There are sites offering advice on cleaning rotas and programmes to ensure the house is kept in good order, or visitor ready.  Of course, we all differ here.  I found the best thing to keep my sanity and feel I am on top of the situation is to keep my ensuite, family bathroom and kitchen sink areas as clean, shiny and spotless as possible.  So after my ablutions, I swab around the basin, using the best limescale removing cleaner spray known to mankind.  A little light spray on all areas followed by a swill around with cloth rinsed in hot water, will take off the spray and grime deposits.  I then rinse again with the cloth and finally dry it off with an e cloth – it is incredible how one spray can make even twenty year old chromeware buff up to a brand new shine, and the porcelain basins too.