Foaming Hand Cleaner Is Popular Choice

One of the things I’ve discovered this year is a hand washing product that looks normal in the bottle, but as soon as you pump a little to use, it comes out as a foam – it needs a little running water to really start the hand washing proper.  It’s much nicer to use than the normal glutinous gells or hard bars of soap, both of which do leave an obvious scum whereas the foam does not.  This makes the washbasin much more appealing for the next person to use it.  I’ve also found that the foam wash doesn’t make my hands sore in any way, whereas constant hand washing with other products did have the effect of drying out my hands to the extent that they started to crack.  Very painful, requiring unperfumed, sensitive skin hand lotion.   I also found that at work, more men used the new hand cleaner than ever used the other products, so maybe they are fussier than I gave them credit for!