First Swipe With Cleaning Cloth Works Wonders

Sometimes we find ourselves rather neglecting the everyday life tasks.   This causes us problems further down the line.  Coming back to a grubby and untidy home is depressing and can disturb the mind considerably.    The only way to get back in charge and on top of the backlog is to take it a step at a time.  Firstly sit for a little while and do absolutely nothing whilst deciding which areas upset you most. Take one room at a time, open a window or two;  stand in the doorway and look round in a left to right sweep, noting everything visible, signs of dirt, things that don’t belong there, things needing repair . . .   Taking 2 carrier bags, pop everything in that belongs elsewhere, one each for upstairs and down.  Hang the upper one on the stairs to go up.  Dust the room, put all rubbish in the bin and put out to empty . .wipe off dirty marks, plump up cushions, or make the bed whatever, and then vacuum well.  Just this first go will fire your energies to tackle the other rooms.