Finding Ways To Eliminate Messy Kitchens & Washrooms

When this strange pandemic first hit us way back in 2020, the initial advice was just to wash our hands for more than 20 seconds at a time under running water, to ensure germs could not be passed on.  This should have been happening all the time anyway after bathroom and toilet trips but humans are lazy and having to retrain adults is harder than with children.  Getting more organised with a cleaning routine is essential.  Everyone must rinse around basins after teeth and hand cleaning – a pack of wipes nearby will encourage this – and then disposing in the bin.  Washing the towels daily and all flannels, sponges etc. also cuts spread of germs.  Encouraging all in each household to take responsibility for putting their crocks straight into the dishwasher will cut the mess left on the table and around the sink.  In fact, learning to clear up as we cook, so there is less mess to start with is an ever better plan.