Establishing A Get Up, Scrub & Go Routine

There is a train of thought suggesting that being too clean is not always healthy but I suspect this is retained mainly by those too lazy to see to the regular cleaning and sanitising of their little palace of glittering delights!  I had a colleague who hadn’t acquainted herself with the finer points of kitchen hygiene for some years and yet proved you can build up an immunity to germ warfare by just living amongst them!  For most of us though, this is not possible.  So if time is short, always spend a few minutes on a basic daily routine. Turn back the duvet whilst you ablute and dress.   Always flush the toilet and pop down some bleach.  After doing teeth and showering, always have a quick rinse round with hot water and bathrom cleaner.  Then dry off with an e-cloth, these simple steps done every day will really revolutionise your lifestyle.  Retyurn to the bedroom and make the bed – a duvet & pillows don’t take much shaking.  Check the room before leaving.   Then bask in your satisfied glory.