Cleaning Up After Poochie’s Play Time

Let’s face it, when faced with the chance to go out for a while with the family pooch, as one of the current acceptable ‘exercise past times, the result is always a jolly fresh approach to the rest of the day.  The mind is often cleared of those annoying little time eating niggles.  There is one  drawback to this wonderful dog shaped past time – despite a great deal of brushing poochy with towels and other cleaning implements, there is still a lot of stuff gets deposited on the carpets and floors.  The way to handle this is to sweep round hard floors often – it’s amazing how long it takes for stray fur to float up into the air and then come down on the furniture and carpets.  Buying a vacuum with an  ‘animal’ setting will be helpful too – the extra cleaning action does help remove more hair than standard cleaners.   Wiping around hard surfaces with a cloth wrung out in disinfectant will also clear germs that come with the doggy fall out!