Cleaning The Wrong Way Causes Serious Damage

It’s obvious that we are now all much more aware of the need to keep ourselves and our homes cleaner than we were perhaps used to.   I have learned the hard way there is a right way to clean and a very wrong way.  Take my ensuite basin for example, I must have used a product which is not designed for  vitrous enamel – the lovely smooth shiny finish has gradually become rough and dull, probably through my habit of liberally spraying with gay abandon and forgetting to go back and rinse it off.  The damage is permanent unless I pay for a restoration job.  It will be much cheaper to replace the basin.  But it is a lesson well and truly learned.  Now, because I live in a hard water area, I use a product specifically manufactured to cut through hard water residue that marks surfaces such as in washrooms and kitchens.  But it needs spraying round, scrubbing with non abrasive sponge/scrubby and then rinsing off immediately.