Basic Cleaning Must Be Stepped Up In Emergency

Things are really getting difficult with Covid 19 currently.   The problems are with virus mutations – this used to be the stuff of science fiction.  Books from my youth would play on peoples’ fears over this very eventuality.  No one in the sci fi books or films every seems to make much of the cleaning services needed to keep a place in tip top hygienic condition and free of as many germs as its physically possible to make it.   The very basics of cleaning should be to ensure the bathrooms are cleaned often during the day.  Even if its only a wash round the basin and loos with soapy water, using separate cleaning cloths!   Using cotton cleaning cloths are good as they can be put in a hot machine wash.  Anywhere that food is stored, prepared and eaten will need to be cleaned down very regularly.  It’s not difficult but takes much more time than we probably usually spend doing these essentials.