Angel Avenging Matron With Cleaning Regime

For some people, cleaning up for hours at a time is totally therapeutic and they absolutely love it.   A life time ago, I used to live in a large house that had been turned into flats.  One of my ‘floor mates’ was a nurse and she revelled in her evening off.   From the yanking out of the furniture into the centre of the room to rolling up the rugs, she could be heard singing heartily as she worked.  We were all familiar with every stage of Operation Bottoming Out, from lugging all her rugs down to the landlady’s garden to be hung over the washing line ready for a beating – I think she used to take out her grievances with Matron just for twenty minutes or so.  After that excitement we had dusting of every surface she could reach.  Then the long handled duster for those she couldn’t. . .  The metal mop bucket was then lugged around with steaming hot water into which was poured enough floral wafting disinfectant to kill off a pandemic – ho ho, she could have killed off Covid19 in a heartbeat!  Her grotty little kitchenette used to sparkle all the time.  Shame her enthusiastic endeavours failed to make satisfactory impression on my cleaning skills!